Google’s browser constantly receives updates which, in many cases, are loaded with interesting new features and improvements. A few weeks ago, for example, we informed you that Chrome is preparing to synchronize the clipboard between various devices and recently we have seen how it launched the dark theme in Android or how it launched a new menu for managing images and links.

Now, in the Chromium blog, Google has reported a future function that, on the one hand, will warn users when a website is slow to load, and on the other, will reward those pages that offer fast experiences. And how will it do it? With “a clear badge”.

A progress bar, a message and other options

Google is testing, as we say, a new system to identify the speed at which websites load into Chrome, so that the user will know whether a page loads quickly or slowly. For now, the goal is to identify when sites have been created in a way that makes them slower in general by observing the historical load latencies.

But later on, Google’s intention is to show the user an identification that allows him to know when a page is likely to be slow depending on his device and network conditions. To do this, according to the company itself, are analyzing the loading screen (home screen), the loading progress bar and the context menu of the links. They are also considering different features, such as an on-screen message (image on the left) or a green progress indicator for fast pages (image on the right).

However, Google says that its plan to identify sites that are fast or slow will be carried out gradually and based on increasingly stringent criteria. Your goal of defining the identification of high quality experiences and that may include other factors besides speed.

In any case, it recommends that developers start optimizing the performance of their pages by taking advantage of Google’s own resources, such as PageSpeed Insights, an online tool with speed data, and Lighthouse, another tool that provides personalized advice to improve a website.